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High Achievers Excellence Programme

Comprehensive talent development

Each student has strengths or potential strengths that can be used as a foundation for personal development and effective learning. This learning will be even more visible if we take into account what the psychologist L. Vygotsky called the "zone of proximal development" which is nothing more than the difference between what the student can learn independently and what they can reach when the context offers the right teaching.

If this principle is important for any child or young person, it is even more so for those students who are gifted or talented, since ordinary education cannot cover, on many occasions, such personalised needs.

The SEK – Les Alpes High Achievers Scheme, due to its characteristics and its innovative pedagogical structure, creates for each student what we call a “total portfolio of talent” based on the student’s knowledge, interests, skills and learning styles. .

Among the specific skills that will be developed, in addition to the corresponding curricular knowledge and that will form this portfolio, are: 

Intelligence development. When a special ability is detected in the educational field, an attempt is made to enhance it, and in these cases the same thing happens with intelligence and/or talent.

Autonomy in learning. The most capable children and young people must learn to manage and expand their knowledge, and this will allow them, apart from any formal, secondary or university education, to "go further" by entering into inventive or discovery processes.

Promote cooperation between equals and appropriate socialization processes. On many occasions, capable students feel isolated or little understood by their peers. In a unique environment of coexistence, they will be perfectly integrated and will develop strategies to function in other environments.

Reinforce creative thinking and original ideas. In ordinary educational environments, regulated teachings do not allow, on many occasions, the development of creative thinking that completes and enhances abstract thinking.

Development of critical thinking.  A balanced personal development entails having clear critical judgement of ourselves, others and the wide range of information to which we have access. Personally, this balance will help us tackle perfectionism and low tolerance for frustration, and intellectually, to select relevant and truthful information.

Development of sports. SEK-Les Alpes’s unique setting means students can enjoy multiple sports activities that go far beyond snow sports. The aim of this wide range of sports is for students to find activities and sports that motivate them and reinforce their physical development.

Arts activities. In addition to a program related to knowledge of the world of art (reinforced, for example, with virtual guided tours of museums) or with artistic activities carried out by the students themselves, those skills or learning that the students are already developing will be enhanced.

But most crucially, what students learn over this stage will transfer to their personal lives, since adolescence is a stage where some learning is cemented and finalised, including lifelong enduring positive or negative behaviour.