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Studying at our private school SEK-Les Alpes provides an exclusive educational experience and the comforts students need to succeed. SEK-Les Alpes provides all necessary services to foster a balanced environment where students can develop themselves in the classroom and beyond.

Pastoral Care and Guidance

The school has a Guidance Department staffed by experts, specialists in the different educational age groups, which coordinates detection of and intervention with respect to student learning difficulties and teaching staff actions.

It produces reports on the progress of students for the guidance of teachers and families.

It also provides advice for students in higher school stages with respect to university choices and professional training both national and international.

Medical and Health

Healthcare services are guaranteed at all times.

  •  If students need health care, they will be seen, depending on the type of ailment, at the Flumet Medical Clinic.
  •  Students are covered by an extensive medical insurance policy taken out by the school with a leading medical insurance provider.

If there is a special medical problem, a detailed report must be provided, so that the school can provide the appropriate care.

All students must apply for the European Health Card at any of the National Social Security offices, in order to make use of its benefits during their stay in France.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy.


SEK School Insurance

Optional private insurance whose aim is to guarantee academic, learning and complementary service continuity to our students until the end of their studies at our schools, in case of the death of the insured.

The cover offered by the School Insurance includes school work and activities, half board, school transport, books and school equipment, registration fees, medical insurance and psychotechnical attention.

All international students must bring a private health insurance policy.

School Insurance Brochure

School Insurance Enrolment Form


The school has its own kitchen ensuring that the food provided meets all quality and hygiene regulations. Students who require special diets must provide express authorization from the corresponding medical service.

Healthy food


We provide a transport service to take students safely where they need to go. Examples include airport transfers or weekly journeys to various programmed activities. Trips for personal reasons are not included.


The SEK Uniform has been recognized as the clothing for our students since more than 50 years ago.

The school uniform is mandatory for all students.